This is not the first time this has happened on a streak. So I'll be with my girlfriend and we would go out to eat a lot. This has never happened before, but recently she's been mentioning that the drive thru people will be staring intently at me. So I'm like maybe it's just coincidence but she's like "no. Those stares was had a purpose".

So her theory was like either they were gay or just was really interested in me.

What made me decide to post was what happened 2 days ago on our date. We went to Golden corral, and I noticed one of this attractive female server hovering around me. I wasn't even going to mention this but she comes up later.

When I finish paying my girlfriend says again "ok frank, what's going on. The guy at the register was literally staring at you while you were paying." Now I'm starting to question myself and if I'm giving out gay vibes (so to speak).

We forget the conversation and are about to leave when the attractive waiter comes and set a table away from us literally facing our direction. I don't look her way Because of my girlfriend but when we get up to leave my girlfriend asks me while were walking "why the hell was she looking at you smiling for"

That was jealousy I smelled. Which is surprising because she's rarely if ever a jealous person.

Im on day 17 so I'm still not going to jump to conclusions but I do notice things. Finally one more thing, please guys if you are doing mofap/semen retention try not to be here on Reddit everyday looking at posts. I did it on my previous streak, and it became a means of validation. It became a new addiction. I got some benefits but I was too outcome dependent. You'ree meant to live your own story and life. Validate yourself with yourself. Don't let people here tell you what's right or wrong. As a man, you find your own rhythm. You dance to your own song, brother.