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Ryan Reynolds' hilarious commercial for his own gin brand

4 hours ago 1402

What happens when a guy sees a chair at the beach...

3 hours ago 312

That one hyper-productive person we all know

6 hours ago 92

Reporter farts his colleagues out of the tv studio!

18 hours ago 309

My dog snoring like a looney tunes character

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6 hours ago 135

FDNY Firefighters get hit by a huge backdraft

2 hours ago 30

Brad Makes Olive Oil (In Italy!) | It's Alive

6 hours ago 28

Iran 1970S Iran before the sharia law

1 hour ago 18

How fast does glass crack? - The Slow Mo Guys

4 hours ago 12

Everest - The Summit Climb - This is so cool, worth a watch

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Danger Zone